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November 29, 2015

Doing a lot with Docker at work, I’ve decided I need to bone up on the skills on the side projects. This tutorial was extremely simple and if you understand what’s going on under the covers – it’s pretty amazing. You’re basically spinning up two fully functional virtual servers and running a complete web application on them.

I’m hoping it’ll speed up some of the plans I have for and allow me to be a little more “dangerous” with the things I’m trying – while being able to get back to stability and also potentially have someone other than myself work on the site. There’s an API in my future.



March 30, 2015

I picked up an electric helicopter at the Bow RC auction for about $50 that spent less than 10min in the air before destroying itself. Turned me off to RC for while until the MFW got me a Phantom Quad that is completely different than any RC vehicle I’ve ever flown.

I pretty much took it out of the box, charged the battery (potentially unnecessary) and launched it. I let it rise 10 ft and I let go of the controls and it stayed where it was.

My first RC plane was a 6ft wing span affair with a gas motor, dabs of superglue and no concept of gravity beyond what I controlled it to do. It eventually split in half and put a small dent in a railroad track after about 5 hrs of flight time. Totally worth it.

The drone is so far a different game. The video it takes from high altitude is like a new tripod with abilities I didn’t imagine before I started practicing with it.


Recent Setback for

May 24, 2014

I submitted as a candidate to the Start-Up Challenge and didn’t even make it into the semifinals. A little depressing, but it’s given me a new level of resolve… a clear detractor to prove wrong. In an effort to ratify this conviction I ordered new license plates for my care and secured the domain