Just caught sight of a new device called Chumby.  I’ve often wanted a bedside device that serves not only as an alarm clock, but has some intelligence.  For example:  If it snowed over 6 inches overnight, wake me up 20min early in case I want to cross-country ski to work.  Or perhaps, if I haven’t run in a few days – wake me up an hour early and tell me to go running, maybe play a good running song to remind me how nice I’ll feel once I get out there.  The device is being promoted as being able to do almost anything – and it’s open source hardware to boot… so theoretically it could do almost anything.


4mi Trail Run

I found some new trails on the Fidelity Property that I love.  Ton’s of hills, lots of twisty turns around trees and as long as I’ll ever need them to be.  Really got into a groove and a 2miler turned into a 4miler.  Saw some turkeys which flew away on my approach.  The Canadian geese are still poaching the pond as well.

Burlington 2008 – Just a maybe right now

Ran Burlington this year (2007) and was crushed. Training didn’t go well, and I was sick the day of the race. I finished, but it was hardly the “conclusion to a well made effort” or anything like that.

The Burlington race is becoming a family tradition – my sister ran it last year as well. My wife did a relay last year with her sister and friends. We have a bunch of friends who also do various parts of the race.

Talked with the wife about splitting the race – but I’ve got this urge to get another marathon under my belt, one I can be proud of. When I tell people I did a marathon they are amazed and have lots of questions, and I always end up playing it off like I barley finished – and I’m told over and over “You finished, that’s all that counts,” but for me I guess it’s not enough. I want to do it again and do better this time.

Over the head headphones

Ran a few miles with the over the head headphones, and it worked fine.  iPod kept picking slow songs which was a little depressing on the run.  Sometimes they work, sometimes not.  I suppose it’s just a mood thing.  I stand by my statement that there aren’t really good “running songs” as much as if you like a song you’ll still like it when your running.

Hill loop

Only had 15min to run, so I went the hill loop – which isn’t a loop really.  It’s out and around then down a big hill – and turn around and go right back up the big hill.

The iPod is working much better – now that I’ve ripped a bunch of CD’s and been selective on what I xfer to the iPod I can go into shuffle mode and be very happy with each song that comes up.

I’ve discovered that one of my ears must be shaped different than the other.  Suzshe got new inear headphones and like all inear headphones, the left one is fine but the right one never fits right thus I can’t run with them.