Lederhosen Champion

IMG_1364Ran in the Harpoon Octoberfest Road Race this weekend – and they had a German Costume Contest as part of the race.  I couldn’t resist, so I rented some Lederhosen and my sister-in-law and I took 1st place Male and 1st Place Female in the costume contest.  The prize was a backpack, a 6-pack and eternal fame.  There were awards for running the race fast as well – but it’s far easier to rent lederhosen than to run a 5k in under 20min.  The weather was perfect and the Octoberfestivities following the race were very fun.  The kids were having fun almost the whole time – especially dancing to the German Polka Band.

I got a free bumper sticker and brautwerst just for “looking the part” as well.


X/C Skiing for the year

I typically cross country ski almost exactly once a year, and this year I guess today was the day.  Put the running shoes on,  stretched, fired up the iPod+Nike device and got out there only to find all the roads very slippery.  I was hoping the busier roads would have pavement, but alas – only the very crunchy ice was fun to run on.  So I turned around and ran back home – probably 1/4 mile round trip running.

Put on the X/C’s and walked about 200 yards to the beginning of a trail I thought would be good and stepped in.  I told the iPod to “continue workout” thinking it’d be interesting to see how the pedometer functioned on a x/c stride vs. a running stride.  It took me a couple seconds to remember that the little device that makes it all happen is inside my running shoe – so that experiment failed.  So it was skiing with the TWiT podcast, and that was fine.

1.45 mi

Using the nike+iPod on the treadmill (why not?) and listening to cartalk.  Set up a couple extra computer type speakers (that I got in a woot mystery bag) to listen.  Pretty happy with the setup.  I hate running on the treadmill with headphones.

Treadmill said it was 1.2mi, iPod says 1.45 – I’ll take the iPod and a post-run beer, thank you.

Run or Work?

Got out for a couple miles last night.  Realizing that I’ve been reluctant to get up early to run because I somehow think that if I get up early I should be getting to work instead of running.  Must adjust priorities.