Plastic Windows in the Jeep

Meguiars Plastic Polish

Perfect product for fixing scratched/cloudy plastic windows on a Jeep Wrangler. Probably work awesome on plastic boat windows etc as well. I might try it on my sunglasses and other plastic screens like cell phones and GPS as well. But I know for sure it works perfectly for plastic Jeep Windows. Get some from this link – no affiliation to me or anything.
It comes as two bottles, you polish with the 17, then with the 10 and the plastic is as clear as the day you got it… in my case clearer.  Pretty sure I have enough in the two small bottles to do all the plastic on the jeep several times.


License Plates I want

The DMV in NH has a website where you can check if a combination of letters, numbers and -, +, & are available for a license plate.  Over the years I’ve found a few that I’d consider getting, here’s a list I can remember right now:

SOX09, SOX2009, 2009SOX : These won’t last

SOXTUX, TUXSOX, SOX+TUX, TUX+SOX : Gotta get a “Tux” bumper sticker back on the jeep – and this’ll make the plate match the big Red Sox logo on the back of the jeep.

TRSKIEE : It’s the word “Ski” inside “Tree” – aka Ski in the Trees

P-K3 : My standard opening chess move, sets up for the fools mate.

YANKS04 : A nod to the team that choked and let the Sox go on to the 2004 World Series Victory.  Never gonna park in NYC with this one.

LOSTSOX: A group of Red Sox friends who help each other get tickets and enjoy games together at fenway is called “The Lost Nation.”  This is the smallest version of that name I could come up with.

CODE4U : A nod to my avocation – and one I used to see all the time commuting down to Boston.

FF0000: The hex code for RED, would look good on a Red jeep.

If you have any other suggestions, check the website to see if it’s available.  You’d be surprised how many license plates you thought were such an original idea are already taken.

ASDFGHJ: This would be good for someone in a QA department.

QWERTY: Same theme – not quite as funny some how.

Sold the Volvo

Had it on craigslist for a while – but it looks like you have to repost it at least every couple days to keep it high on the list. A friend I work with was looking for a car for his daughter – so I told him he could have it for $1,000. I thought that was fair for a friend. A couple weeks later he said he’d take me up on it. My basis for the $1k was that it was bluebooked at $3.5k, and I knew it needed some work. So we got a temp plate on it, and took it to the shop near where we work. They gave it the green light – and he “tried” to drive it home. It died on the way – the ATF sensor – so he did some more research on the car, realized I was giving him a major deal, and went ahead having it fixed.

House driveby’s technologies

This post discusses what is essentially a well known computer science problem called The Traveling Salesman Problem.  For us it means we have a list of houses and addresses and we want to drive around and look at them.  While in the car we have the Gamin Nuvi GPS which does a great job giving us detailed directions to excatly where we want to go, but it doesn’t solve the problem of “here are 10 addresses, show me the route that goes by them all without any back tracking.”

We did a dry run the other day, and I spent a bunch of time looking at the small GPS map, trying to verify we had seen all the properties on the list, and doing a rough job of figuring out which ones to go to next based on how close it was.

In reality, getting a little lost isn’t so bad as it gives you a chance to see the rest of the neighborhood that isn’t on your route, and possibly discover something important that makes you want the house more or less.

I tried google Maps to do this post-mortem and I think this’ll be the tool I use next.  It works very well for dragging your route around the map.  Should be pretty easy to get a good approximation of the solution to the problem while leaving a little bit of “accidental discovery” in the mix.

Combining all these things to one solution – perhaps a mash up that lets you choose a real-estate specific search criteria (price range, # of bedrooms, etc…) and it not only drops them on a map – but calculates the best route to drive to see them all – now that’s something I’d buy for a dollar.

2002 Jeep Wrangler

2002 Jeep Wrangler The latest toy – replacing the 1997 Volvo 850. So far I like it a lot. We’ve got the miniVan about a year ago – and my vehicle has been almost exclusively for me to drive to work and to drive Nick to daycare three times a week.

Took the family for a ride and they all fell asleep after about 15min. Haven’t tried any off-road type stuff at all yet. Plowed through a few snow banks. Set it into a slide as well – quickly realizing that 4×4’s stop the same as everything else.