Bitcoin Swear Jar

The latest (of many) bitcoin popularity waves got me to finally get some. Spent a little at BitcoinVegas minecraft – which I have to say was fun, but it also got me thinking what else could be done with them – and the main thing that kept coming to mind was the whole “tiny donation” problem – i.e. it’s tough for me to give a dollar to a website/technology that I use. Around the same time I had to create a swear jar for our house. Mostly to get me to stop swearing in front of the kids – but also to give them some simple repercussions for swearing.

That led me to realize I could set up a website and collect $0.25 online with VERY simple code and no 3rd party relationships.

And so was born the Bitcoin Swear Jar

Some kewl parts of the project:

  • Bitcoin! Wanted to get more comfortable in the use of them
  • QR Codes: The site uses 100% client side javascript to generate a bitcoin QR code donation that dynamically updates as you type
  • GitHub: As this was a “charity” type endeavor I opened it up on git hub with a banner to fork
  • Reddit functionality help: Posted the alpha/beta on /r/bitcoin for feedback/critique and was suprised at how few trolls poked at it (links to posts on site)

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