Minecraft Server

The kids are BIG into Minecraft – and I don’t blame them. From what I over hear they have problems finding a good server to play on. Most noteably are problems getting banned and what sounds like petty fights with friends that live in our town.

So I launched a server on an old mac lappy and just playing with each other in a world free of strangers has cause both kids to thank me personally and genuinely.

They want me to open the server up (i.e. port forward so people not on our LAN can get to it) to neighbors and cousines etc. and I’m not sure about this.

On the one hand – I can shut the server down when I want them OFF (i.e. bedtime, bus time, etc) but on the other hand – Do I want other children on a server I control and that my kids might ask me to ban etc. It’s sort of like being a baseball coach, in that parents expect me to know the rules of the game and to teach their kids not just the game – but what the game is supposed to teach kids.  Things like respect and dignity and kindness.

Originally I wanted to get a server up and running so I can teach the kids programming stuff and IT crap like backups and networking… but I’m now thinking I’ve opened a pandora box that can’t be closed.

Actually – it’s running on a crappy old MacBook and if you close the lid the server dies.  So if they fight too loud I can announced, “I’m closing the box!”


One thought on “Minecraft Server

  1. You are not alone. My boys go ape over the game and I’ve had a server running locally on and off. I found that server and client on the same box is a heavy load, so my intent is to offload it to another in-house server. I’m not keen on them being on some random public server (not yet anyways). Coincidentally, I discovered that Hal is running one for his boys as well. They had a virtual visit the other night and it went well. I found another co-worker who uses minecraft to help teach some math concepts in their homeschool. Think about it – you can even teach basic electrical theory with redstone circuits. The Tekkit mod pack goes even further in that area and others. A long way from the Pong I used to play with my dad!

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