Doll House

Santa brought a doll house kit last Xmas and I was recruited to build it.  I opened the box in March and just last week finished the outside of the house enough that I moved it up into my daughter’s room.  It came out better than I thought it would – but the number of hours to build it was about 3 times what I thought it would be.

The company that produced the kit has a forum where one user details this kit as a 50 hr job.  I’d estimate my time at well over 100 hrs.   I’d put in a couple 4-5hr sessions a week, then a few hours most Saturday mornings.

My advice to future doll house builders is to look at this as a hobby, not a goal.  I very much wanted the project to be done so I could spend the time on the thousands of other hobbies I have and didn’t allow myself the time to really enjoy the craft of creating a miniature house.  The end result will hopefully be an heirloom my kids pass on to their kids, and my daughter is already spending a lot of time playing with and decorating the interior.

There are a few more pictures of the building process in this facebook album.


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