Internet Controlled Representative Government

The latest budget fiasco plus the FAA funding problems have frustrated me with our elected officials. The fact that they are taking a one month vacation before solving a problem that puts my wife’s company essentially out of business is offensive. I emailed my reps and the basic message was that if I did this at any job I’ve ever had then I’d probably loose that job. My employer or my customers would simply find someone else.

So that got me thinking about what alternative we have to our existing representative government. I came across which I like, and am participating in, but I was thinking something more dramatic.  Here’s what I came up with:

  • Run for office on the platform that you will make all decisions based on your constituents wishes
  • Provide a channel of constant input of  constituent opinion via the internet (There are security problems here – but they can be solved)
  • Broadcast all political interactions (similar to and provide commentary for viewers into what’s going on an what decisions are being made (sort of like CSPAN but more)
I believe this would make political office very unattractive to the current breed of politician.  It could evolve into a system where the representative would be largely a proxy being controlled by the population they represent.  Right now political involvement is pretty much limited to voting once every few years.  With this system you could log on and enforce your political desires directly.
There are tons of problems with this type of solution – but it might be easier to solve these problems then the ones with our current system.



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