Podcast consumption

Listened to a couple podcasts recently using Google Listen on my Android phone. I am NOT at all satisfied with this app. The biggest flaw is when I start it up I end up spending time trying to find either the latest episode of This Week in Tech, or figuring out how to continue playing the episode I was listening to. So I’m on a quest to either get google listen to work the way I want – or to find another app that can replace it. I’ll update this post as I progress.

Solutions reviewed:

Solution Result Notes
Google Listen Fail Doesn’t correctly show “recently played” and it’s very hard to navigate to the latest episode of a subscription.
Also restarts podcast playing in middle of episode.
WinAmp Fail This is marketed as a “synch with your desktop” solution, but the “Podcast Synch” tab is disabled/greyed out for my DroidX – a known/discussed problem
TWiT.tv by Mediafly Good then Fail Custom App for the Twit.TV podcasts, worked the first weeke great.  2nd week it failed to download episodes automatically and last week it started crashing on launch
Beyond Pod Awesome, then suck, then Awesome for a price Downloaded it and it worked great… but then the free trial ran out and I had to manually update my podcasts which sucked. I finally broke down and paid the $7 for it and now like it very much

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