Android USB debugging fail

This post in the forum helped me find the answer – but I thought it’d help some other poor droid developer if it was spelt out.  This is what I had to do.

The problem is installing the Motorola USB debugging drivers on for a Droid X.  This might apply to other droid phones.  In particular: I had my phone working fine with the USB debugger and something changed – most likely the update to froyo – but I’m not 100% sure about that.

On to the solution:

  1. Find the file <eclipseDir>\usb_driver\android_winusb.inf
  2. In the INF file, look for lines identifying the phone like: USB\VID_22B8&PID_41DB – mine had 4 entries with this string.  We’re going to search/replace this to your phone’s correct ID.
  3. To find your phones ID open the devices list like so:
  4. Click Start
  5. Right Click Computer
  6. Select Manage
  7. Select “Device Manager” from left menu
  8. Select Android Phone->Android Composite ADB InterfaceComputerManagement
  9. Right click and select Properties
  10. Choose the Details Tab
  11. From the Property Drop down, select “Hardware ID’s”ADBProps
  12. Cut/paste the shorter string from the value’s section
  13. In your .INF file, do a search/replace with this new string – replace all instances of “USB\VID_22B8&PID_41DB’ with your device ID.  Mine was “USB\VID_22B8&PID_4286&MI_01”

At this point the driver will proceed past the “Cannot install Driver.”  You’ll be presented with a “Cannot verify this driver” message – but selecting “Install Anyway” will install and then you’ll be able to find your phone (provided it’s still plugged in) in the list of devices to debug/run your app on.

Some Meta info to help folks find this: Can’t Debug on Phone, Can’t Install ADB Driver, Phone not listed in Android Device Chooser


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