Droid Music

Ditched the iPhone for a Motorola Droid X mainly due to shoddy AT&T coverage where we live.  I was worried about getting music on the device because the iPhone was born from the iPod, a music centric device.

This morning I was able to get the “easy Phone Tunes” application (free) working (after a device reboot) and so far I have 400+ songs on my device that I’m pretty sure I really wanted. 

The real “trick” that prompted me to write this post was how I decided what music to put on the device.  It doesn’t have enough room for the entire music collection – so I used “Genius Play Lists” to decide what to synchronize.

  1. In iTunes, Create a playlist “Droid Synch” that I tell the easy phone software to keep in synch to the Droid
  2. Select a song I know I want on the droid and start playing it
  3. Select “Genius” icon in iTunes
  4. Drag this new “Genius” play list to the “Droid Synch” folder
  5. Goto 2

This kind of thing is probably posted by someone somewhere else, but I’d never seen it before.

So while I praise Apple for iTunes and the genius functionality that got me here – I don’t miss the iPhone a bit, especially that headphone jack that wouldn’t take 99% of the headphone plugs in the world.


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