Google earth sunset azimuth mapping

Google earth recently added a “heading” display to their measurement tool, which made me realize I could accurately map out where the sunset will happen from our house on a few important dates – The two solstices and the equinox. 


  1. Use this page to get the correct date’s for the solstices + equinox
  2. Use this page to calculate the azimuth (heading) for those dates for your house (I had to use Concord, NH: About 15 miles from my house).  After getting a “Rise/Set Noon Time” chart, change the columns to “Rise/Set time/Azimuth”
  3. Use the measurement tool to place a placemark/pin about 50 miles from my house at the correct headings.
  4. Use the Path tool to draw a line from my house to these place marks.  I got “pretty close” at first, then zoomed in and edited the paths to be very accurate.
  5. Modiy the paths to have 10pixel width and 50% opacity
  6. Delete the placemarks/pins

After doing this I can easily generate a view like this:

Home Astronomy

Also very kewl is being able to follow the lines out and see that (as observed) the sun sets directly between Monadnock Mnt. and Crotched Mnt. on Winter Solstice.


Very handy info to have for lining up things  sacrificial alters, pyramids, large ceremonial buildings and the like.


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