iPhone OS3 Upgrade breaks eReader Bookshelf

After upgrading to v3.0 of the iPhone operating system the eReader Pro application can no longer switch what book your reading.  A big problem.  The reader still worked, but if you finished a book (as I did last night) and tried to open another one you’re kinda just lost… it didn’t crash, it just didn’t go to the bookshelf.

To the developer’s credit their company, Fictionwise responded to an email I sent complaining with this:

We apologize for the trouble. A fix is currently in progress. We do not have a definite time for when it will be made available at this time. But it should be soon.

The most surprising thing about the response is that I got it about 5min after sending the complaint. Expected response from this kind of thing is days, not minutes.

I found reports of this problem in a couple places, but only buried in the iTune store application reviews did I find the work around: Delete eReader Pro and re-Install it.  This gives you a chance to open a new book – but has the side effect of deleting all the books you’ve downloaded as well as resetting your application preferences.

Had I got this from fictionwise I would have been much happier.  Ideally I would have liked to find a great big, top of the page kinda support link on their help pages detailing the problem and the work around.


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