Safety Whistle Necklace

February 21, 2009

Just in time for the family ski-vaca I finally got around to crafting some lanyards for the safety whistles I bought a few months ago.  The kids are under 10 and we’ll be skiing in bounds the whole time – but it was a fun project and if I get them to wear them every time they ski and hike it might make a difference some day.

Wind Storm Whistle, purchased from Campmore
2 meters of Cord per Lanyard: MINOR Cord, 3mm I bought a 15M roll from EMS

The Knots:
Sizeable Necklace Knot

Boatswains Knot

The boatswains knot is purely decorative. I suppose it holds the whistle at the midway point which might be handy, but the main reason I use it is because it’s exactly what the knot was designed for.

The sizeable necklace knots work pretty well, and allowed me to make 4 identical lanyards that’ll fit both the wife and I as well as the kids.  I’m not sure what the name of this knot is though.  I think it’s fashioned after a noose – which is not a good image to have making something that’s going around your neck.  If anyone has any advice on a better knot or technique to use here I’d love to hear it.

Oh yeah – pix:

A completed whistle and lanyard


The sizeable knots


The Boatswains decorative knot




  1. Did you ever figure out the name of that sizeable necklace knot? Or know a link that could show me how to tie it?

    • @N – This link to the sizeable necklace knot is in the post. I think they call it a “Slip Knot” but it’s not what I think of when I think of slip knot.

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