Nose on your face

Pretty sure the kids are gonna be staying home from school tomorrow due to an incoming snow storm – so I wanted to bring up the closing notices from NHPR.  I was pretty sure I had bookmarked it, but all I had was a link the WMUR closings page.

So I went to the NHPR page and started looking for anything having to do with “snow” or “school closing” etc.  Spent a while – even found page with a dead link on it – so I was just about to classify myself as frustrated and send a complaint email kinda thing, when I noticed that the 2nd link on the page (literally the only thing above it was NHPR News) was a link to “Weather Delays”

At this point I felt pretty stupid – but that condition was down graded to ignorant when I clicked the link and it brought me to the WMUR closing page I had already viewed about 10min earlier.


4 thoughts on “Nose on your face

  1. Sorry for the confusion on that one – we’ve wrestled with what to call the link. It’s been “school closings,” “snow closings,” “weather delays,” etc.

    Maybe I could put a page together purely as a link – that way if someone types in “school closings” they’d find an easy way to get to the link without any further headaches? Maybe?

    Anyway, thanks for the links!
    Brady at NHPR

  2. I think a page with the various term options would be perfect. I was thinking of emailing someone on your site with exactly that comment. I think “Weather Delays” is as good a term as any.

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