Cannot find dnssd.dll

Trying to get an airport express back up and running after mucking around with the house wifi network (got a new router etc.)

I installed the apputil program from Apple that let’s a windows machine manage the airport express devices – and it installed fine, but when I launched it I get an error message reading “cannot start – cannot find dnssd.dll”

Called apple support – and the promptly discovered I was not longer eligible for phone support – so I played the transfer game and got some software support guy named Paul who was very nice, but said they’d had a big meeting just that day about not giving out free support (he phrased it much better) – we joked about Mr. Jobs, to which he replied, “Yes, he is in Sick Bay.”  And I hung up with my problem unsolved, but not unhappy.

Much more web surfing later (I did some googling before resorting to the dreaded real support people) I discover that dnssd.dll is something that gets installed with iTunes.  So I installed iTunes on the Wife’s computer without asking her… and… (it’s installing now, I’ll update this if there’s an update)

Success!  If you are installing the airport express util app and get the dnssd.dll error – you need to install iTunes.  I suppose the apple devs didn’t imagine someone would want to manage an airport device without iTunes installed.  Go figure.


2 thoughts on “Cannot find dnssd.dll

  1. Hi, just thought I’d tell you that dnssd.dll also comes with “Bonjour for Windows” (google it, first hit), which is what you want to install if you have no intention of installing iTunes. DNSSD (DNS-based Service Discovery, which they market as “Bonjour”) is what iTunes uses to discover other iTunes on the local network (so you can view others’ libraries). Seemingly, it’s also used by the app that failed for you, but not bundled with the app the way iTunes does it, hence the failure. “Bonjour for Windows” is this feature shipped standalone, so to speak.

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