Got website?

Lately I’ve been asking various service provider’s and friends if they have a web site.  Most don’t – and the reason is there isn’t a really easy and wicked cheap solution.  So I say to these people that I do web sites… sometimes it leads to something, sometimes it doesn’t.

Lately my favorite way of building these things is using GoDaddy as a registrar and Google Sites as the source for the webpage.  A few times I’ve just purchased a domain and pointed it at an exsisting site, and for a couple I’ve helped them get a blog up and running. 

Some recent additions to the portfolio:

Leigh’s Barber Shop : A most excellent Barber Shop in Shelburne, VT  – This is a whole google site, with google analytics and multi-user content management.  Still need to add some content to this really simple site.

ReJardin.Com : I secured a domain and redirected it to an existing site.  The real goal here was that the user had a unique domain name that wasn’t claimed yet – so I grabbed it and redirected it.

ToddAubertin.Com : I found a wooden flute maker/ furniture maker up the road and saw his web site needed a lot of work.  I set him up on wordpress in barter for a custom flute.  Did some picture editing/ content creation as well.  We’ve got some plans for more stuff on the site, and I have some plans for some custom furniture for our home. : I try to make it to Baltimore to see the Red Sox play at Camden Yard once a year.  This year while I was there with the girl: Manny Rameriz hit his 500th home run – and it was a baseball moment we will remember sharing forever.  A fraternity brother of mine was there as well, and took a photo he wanted help selling online.  So we put this site together.  Then the stupid looser Manny had to go and get himself traded to the Dodgers.  A kewl part of this project was tapping the photo editing talents of our friend Jean Wozniak.

There are a couple more not quite ready to mention – but my favorite part of the process is that I haven’t exchanged money for any of them.  A couple cost me about $10 and time – but it was time spent not just building the collateral, but learning the process and being better prepared for the next one.


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