License Plates I want

The DMV in NH has a website where you can check if a combination of letters, numbers and -, +, & are available for a license plate.  Over the years I’ve found a few that I’d consider getting, here’s a list I can remember right now:

SOX09, SOX2009, 2009SOX : These won’t last

SOXTUX, TUXSOX, SOX+TUX, TUX+SOX : Gotta get a “Tux” bumper sticker back on the jeep – and this’ll make the plate match the big Red Sox logo on the back of the jeep.

TRSKIEE : It’s the word “Ski” inside “Tree” – aka Ski in the Trees

P-K3 : My standard opening chess move, sets up for the fools mate.

YANKS04 : A nod to the team that choked and let the Sox go on to the 2004 World Series Victory.  Never gonna park in NYC with this one.

LOSTSOX: A group of Red Sox friends who help each other get tickets and enjoy games together at fenway is called “The Lost Nation.”  This is the smallest version of that name I could come up with.

CODE4U : A nod to my avocation – and one I used to see all the time commuting down to Boston.

FF0000: The hex code for RED, would look good on a Red jeep.

If you have any other suggestions, check the website to see if it’s available.  You’d be surprised how many license plates you thought were such an original idea are already taken.

ASDFGHJ: This would be good for someone in a QA department.

QWERTY: Same theme – not quite as funny some how.


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