Lederhosen Champion

October 13, 2008

IMG_1364Ran in the Harpoon Octoberfest Road Race this weekend – and they had a German Costume Contest as part of the race.  I couldn’t resist, so I rented some Lederhosen and my sister-in-law and I took 1st place Male and 1st Place Female in the costume contest.  The prize was a backpack, a 6-pack and eternal fame.  There were awards for running the race fast as well – but it’s far easier to rent lederhosen than to run a 5k in under 20min.  The weather was perfect and the Octoberfestivities following the race were very fun.  The kids were having fun almost the whole time – especially dancing to the German Polka Band.

I got a free bumper sticker and brautwerst just for “looking the part” as well.



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  2. Wir rock!

  3. where is a good place to rent lederhosen from?? i am in new york’s thousand islands region and need to get a pair as i host an Oktoberfest here. i’ve tried google and it returns the cheapest looking crap in the world. cloth, courdoroy, used halloween costumes…..i’m look ing for authenticity. and help is appreciated

    • @Ezra: I rented mine from a local costume shop.

      • What costume shop did you rent it from?

      • It’s a local place in NH.

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