Putty Default Settings

PuttyDefaultSession I can’t see the blue in Putty , and every time I started it had to go find that setting.  I asked a couple people about how to make this the default and the didn’t know.  So – I finally figured it out today.  When you start putty, it comes up with a list of “sessions” – and the key thing to understand is that there’s a “Default Session” on the first window that pops up.  Dunno how I missed this for so long.

So make the changes you want in properties – then come to this tab and save with the “Default Settings” session selected.


3 thoughts on “Putty Default Settings

  1. I did too! What a coinkydink! She died during Little House on The Prairie. I think it was a Monday evening. She was behind Dad’s chair, made a few painful noises and that was the end of her. RIP Putty.

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