Ski Rack Project

I’ve had a hard time keeping the skis organized over the years – and it’s only getting worse with the kids acquiring equipment now.  My friend Bob had this rack setup, and it looked like it worked well.

skiRack This is the 2nd attempt – the first try I had bought a pretty crappy 2×10 and it was split pretty much down the middle so it fell apart as I made the cuts.

On the 2nd try I was able to build the whole thing in under 2 hours.  The real key was some clever geometry that made the measuring go fast.

In it’s current configuration it holds 8 pairs of skis and 8 sets of poles, only a couple of the slots are holding more than a single pair of anything.

The wood from the first attempt was used for the cross members.

I did some measuring of our skis to see how tall the bindings were and the smallest skis (from where they’d be resting in the slots)  and the largest bindings to determine the dimensions.  Because of this I won’t even post the measurements as you should repeat the exercise for your gear.

Here’s a Sketch-Up 3D model of the rack.


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