Long lost friend: Found on FaceBook

Fabien Found one of my first best friends on FaceBook today.  I haven’t talked to him in about 25 years, since his family moved back to France.  By itself that’s a kewl story – but the interesting (i.e. bloggable) part is that his job is very similar to mine right now.  He’s working at a start-up, mostly at home, building a Flex based UI on a non-Microsoft platform and his team is using Scrum, and they are deploying some of it to the Amazon cloud – all things I’ve been doing.  25 years go by and we both end up doing a very similar thing – whatever made that happen must have been a factor in us becoming friends – or was us becoming friends the factor?

I very much regret that we weren’t in touch when I visited Paris in 1998, as it would have been awesome to have a local to show us around.


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