World Map Mural

September 7, 2008

I saw this map on a wall at a friends house, in his office, and was impressed.  I decided I must posses it, so I ordered it, and yesterday I glued it to the wall.


The wall I put it on was a little short, so it wraps around the corner, but I don’t think that takes away too much from the effect.  Other options discussed were centering the map on the corner, wrapping it around the left edge of the wall or putting it in a different room.

The track lights do a great job illuminating it – you can stand right up against it and not cast any shadow while your reading the map.

One challenge was the double light switch on part of the wall the map covers.  I did some measuring to find our what part of the map it was going to be under, and scanned the map.  A long USB cable was necessary, and I was happy the top came completely off the scanner.


The next tricky part was printing that scan at the right size.  First time it was too small – but I’m pretty proud of the 2nd attempt and how it came out.  I came to realize the paper we have in the printer is cheap – and once it got glue on it would tear inconsistently.  A sharp blade is the key – waiting for the glue to dry would have helped, but I have no patience.


There’s a plug on the lower part of the map, but it doesn’t cover any detail.  I covered it but I haven’t poked the holes through to plug anything in, as I may never use that outlet.

It’s a very detailed map – a real triumph in cartography.  I’ve already learned a TON of geography from it, and we’re making the kids find different countries.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do when things in the world change – probably nothing.

The colors of the map are going to dictate how we decorate the office.



  1. National Geographic picked up this post and referenced it in their Maps blog:

  2. This is awesome. As a homeschooling family, we’d love something like this. I’ve been trying to figure out how to mount our 3ftx4ft laminated world map onto a stiff board. Maybe this would be an alternative idea.

  3. […] breaks eReader Bookshelf Obama get’s same map June 24, 2009 I installed my map in my office back in September, and just read a blog post detailing NatGeo giving the same map to the President […]

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