Mounting Man

I don’t know why, but today there was a flurry of mounting things on walls.  It may have been triggered by a piece of art arriving in the mail, or the finding of the stud finder – which eluded me for a good month.

First was a couple of Star Trek framed posters in the boys room:

TrekPic2-1 TrekPic1-1

Next was the Fenway Scoreboard I got last April – wanted to have it hanging in the office before the playoffs start:


I had the drill, the level, some screws and the ruler out, so I hung the paper towel holder under the sink:


This is the piece of art we ordered a week ago – it’s made on some sort of foam, very rich texture, which is much nicer than I imagined it would be:


And finally, I moved the guitars to somewhere I think I can leave them for a while.  There’s supposed to be a rear channel speaker there, and will be someday soon.  The good guitar is out of kids reach, and the kids guitar (with a new string) is easy for a young one to grab should the musical bug bite them:


That’s a few less empty walls.  Plenty more to go.  Mistakes were made, and I really only used the stud finder successfully on the first trek poster – on the others I thought I was pounding a nail into a stud but it turned out to be just drywall and I had to sink an anchor in the hole.  Hanging the scoreboard involved some salty language, but it got done.

I am a little worried about how the rear channel speaker will interact with the guitars… but that is only a single variable in a complex equation I’m working on.


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