The robots are coming

IMG_0352I bought a roomba robotic vacuum cleaner during a woot-off.  The roomba is to woot what sunglasses are to SteepAndCheap – they seem to be what they throw up there when they don’t have anything else to sell.  Well it worked on me, after seeing various roomba offers over the years, and living in a house with much more hard wood flooring than before I caved and bought one.

So far I am impressed, particularly with the algorithm it uses to drive around the room and make sure it gets compete coverage.  The battery is good so far, and last weekend I started it up in the office before we left the house and came home to find the room cleaned and the roomba in it’s charging station.

The best part, I had heard that everyone gives their roomba a name: so I asked the kids to come up with names and my daughter immediately said Shadowfax – which I misheard as ShadowVac which is by far the kewlest name a vacuum cleaner will ever have.  I made a decal immediately and put it on the roomba.


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