Leaky window fixed

LeakFixThe bay window in the dining room leaked during a massive rain storm we had a month ago.  I didn’t worry about it too much as it was a crazy amount of rain (tornados reported in NH).  A few weeks ago during my daughter’s birthday party (our first real entertaining event at the new house) we had yet another summer downpour and the window started leaking even worse than before.  Several people checked out the situation and had various forms of advice from re-flashing things to pulling up boards and the like. 

A couple of days later I had a contractor in the house (I bought a tractor from him and he delivered it) and asked his advice.  He mentioned that the deck wasn’t attached the house the way he’d have done it, and that he’d need to bring a big ladder and start taking the siding off to see how the window was installed and the deck above it.

Then on Wednesday I was working at home and we experienced yet another summer storm, and the window started leaking pretty bad.  I went upstairs and noticed that there was a LOT of water coming off the roof right above the deck that is right above the window.  I went and got some bricks and a plastic bin cover to try to divert the water and while trying to set that up I noticed there’s a gutter up above the whole thing running the whole length of the house into a downspout a couple of feet from the problem area.  I reached up and it was full of water.  So I reached above the downspout, pulled some leaves out and the water started draining like crazy.  Turns out the entire half of the roof was draining directly over the window, a good 630 sqFt of roof.

The window leaked for maybe another 10min and then dried up.  The storm went on all day and the window didn’t leak a drop.  Since then we’ve had yet another storm with far more rain than any of the previous events and the window is bone dry.  

So far I am impressed with all of the construction in this house.  It is far different from some of the work I witnessed in our previous house – which was clearly done by the owner who obviously tried hard, but didn’t have the experience/skills of a trained carpenter/contractor.  The whole clogged gutter problem makes me think I need more robots.


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