QR Codes

I just discovered what those 2 dimensional bar code like tags are.  They are called QR Codes and they are very kewl.  I guess the reason they are so kewl is because

  1. They are VERY easy to create yourself with anything you want in them
  2. It should be pretty easy for anyone with a modern cell phone (iPhone app == 2dSense, and is free) to scan them. 
  3. Most scanning programs do things like navigate directly to a URL if that’s what’s encoded

This means you can do things like put one of these tags on a physical object and cause that object to make your phone navigate to a webpage describing the thing it’s attached to.

The following page lets you generate them: http://qrcode.kaywa.com/

Here are some I generated – you’ll have to get the a scanner working to read these

blogPost blogPost1 blogPost2 blogPost3

I anticipate I’ll be using these – I just haven’t imagined how yet.

Here’s a site that let’s you create a patch out of one – but it’s not quite as kewl as possible, as you have to make a link that goes through his site – but still a kewl idea.


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