With a Bang, not a whipmer

We are enjoying are final weeks at the house we’ve lived in for over eight years – and tonight a band of  thunderstorms came through.  I spent a while just now on the deck watching it – and enjoyed the display it provided.  There was very little rain associated with it – so I stood outside, very dry, experiencing those brief moments where it seemed like daytime in the flash of lightening.

It reminded me of the times I’ve spent on that same deck looking at the stars – from causal staring with little thought to what it all meant, to a night I was holding my nephew in my arms pointing out the space station passing over and telling him there were people in that small speck – when we were interrupted by one of the most dazzling shooting stars I’ve ever seen.

I am taken back to many nights spent on a blanket on our back lawn watching various meteor showers with the expanding family… some which I was able to talk about with my in-laws about how amazing they were, and others that I treasure only for the time spent with my family without any distractions… and that one time the kids were complete monsters and we should have sent them to bed hours earlier…

What it truly brings to mind is something I will miss from this home – and it is a now familiar perspective of the night sky… I know where to expect Orion in the fall, I know the bearing to the Manchester fireworks on the 4th of July, I recognize the lighting that will produce a rainbow and exactly where it will be, and I can point to the North Star from any point on this property.

While I look forward to aquiring this knowledge in the new house – I will miss some very stellar expierences I’ve had at this location on our planet.

That, and I want to put a big domed observatory on top of the new house… with laser beams and a potato cannon that’ll shoot my neighbors… and a big “UFOs LAND HERE” sign on the roof.



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