Cloud Computing you follow my links, you’ll be asking yourself what I am up to.  I’m trying to utilize cloud computing, and to do so effectively I want to move a platform I’m responsible for over to open source technologies. 

It’s become necessary for me to obey the KISS philosophy to the extreme, as many things we’re playing with are very new and if a problem arises I need there to be as few moving parts as possible.

After getting my first server up and running, I really had a feeling that I had just tapped into something pretty exciting – it made me feel like Elmer in What’s Opera Doc when he yells, "North Winds Blow!  South Winds Blow!"


2 thoughts on “Cloud Computing

  1. I wish you good luck in your endeavors on this. We have been on the cloud at Amazon for almost 2 years now and it has really worked out nicely. What service are you looking at utilizing – Amazon, Google, another?

  2. Looking and playing with Amazon right now. Trying to understand google + microsoft so we can be “cross-cloud” if need be.

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