Lots of stuff happening this month and next – but I’ll save most of it for another post.

The most current event is that I have resigned from my position as Director of Technology at Icovia, and accepted the position of Chief Developer at MyVbo.  I can’t talk too much about what we’re doing – but the position is a very natural move for me, utilizing many of the skills I fine tuned at Icovia.

The new job involves a lot of work-from-home, which I haven’t done in a long time – never with kids in the house.  I’ve moved the home office down to the basement, which has the benefit of no longer having to work on a wireless connection.

I managed to get 3 days off between jobs, spending time with the kids, who are on vacation.  I guess I regret that the weather is going to be miserable the whole time – but I think we’re gonna make the best of it anyway.


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