I wish I smelled like a brewery

Our house is exactly 1 mile from the Budwiser brewery in Merrimack, NH.  I’m a little bit of a beer snob – preferring Long Trail, Magic Hat, Harpoon et. al. to the standard “beers of the proletariat.”  I’m also a home brewer in waiting (30+ batches under my belt, but 0 in the past 5 years.)

That being said – I am going to miss being able to enjoy the smell of brewing beer on a regular basis. I believe it would be a challenge for most brewers to tell the difference between the smell of budwiser brewing and their own special recipe for custom IPA.

Especially as of late, driving home in the Jeep with the top down, I can smell the brewery well over a mile from our house, and it brings a smile to my face.  It also often makes me consider how much beer is currently in the fridge, often prompting a stop at the store.

Brewing Beer smells like a high quality cereal or oatmeal, both fresh and toasty. It’s a very distinctive smell with a hint of molasses and maybe a shade of chocolate.

When we bought this house I studied the area around it – to great detail.  I had the local airports approach and departure paths mapped out, I knew the prevailing wind direction, I knew the zoning of all land within 10 miles of my property… and a distinct factor in that information was the “1 mile from a brewery” question.  At the time I was worried about it, but was reassured that the brewery was to the east of my house, and the prevailing wind from the west.  Little did I know how I would come to love the days when the wind blew from the other direction.


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