Arriving early for showings…

One of the single most annoying things about the selling process was people who would show up early for the showing. With 2 kids – it’s a pretty intense process cleaning the place. It takes an hour or more at least. Early on we got burned a couple times by people showing up 10-15 min early. So we started getting out of the house about 20min before the scheduled showing – only to have someone show up 25min early. So now we make sure we are out of the house 30min before the showing time. And even then – we have people show up 30min early. It’s nuts. It’s incedibly rude: I understand these people are the “customers” – but we going to all the trouble to make the house look nice for THEM and they have the nerve to show up whenever the please.We have vowed never to do this to anyone while we are looking for houses. It’s pretty easy to just drive around the neighborhood – check out the houses nearby etc.



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