New Hampshire Puzzle Prejudice

Took the kids to the bookstore and picked up The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane for Anna. photo Also picked up a floor puzzle of the united states. After surmising how big the puzzle would be, and being satisfied – my biggest concern was that the puzzle makers didn’t denigrate Vermont and New Hampshire to a single puzzle piece. This always irks me – as I’ve spent about 1/3 of my life in each of these states – and in my mind they deserve their own pieces in the puzzle. My kids have lived their entire lives in NH and I thought they would appreciate a separate piece as well.

So I examined the box. And it stated “51 Jumbo Pieces.” Sounds perfect – sounds like the guy writing the text for the front of the box knew my concerns exactly, and he did his job and dispelled those worries and we bought the puzzle for $10.

Got it home, and when the kids approached their limit on playing with their existing toys I threw it into the mix for an enjoyable 20min or so putting the puzzle together.

Upon opening the box however, I realized I’d been duped hard. The puzzle had a border or about 10 pieces… so I knew there was no way NH and VT would be separate pieces. The puzzle was pretty big though, so I was happy with that.

However, when I discovered the degree of the NH/VT denigration I was appalled:

photo(2) Not only are VT/NH on the same piece – but they bunched us together with New York. The disgrace is just too much for me. Usually we get stuck in with Maine, and Mass/Conn/RI get their own piece and the New Yorkers are left to their own flavor of Sports Worship which I care NOT to be associated with.

It’s also pretty common to group all of New England to one piece, at least then we can all be Red Sox fans.

So not only do we not get our own piece, we don’t even get a picture! We have to share one with those Yankees fans over in New York. So very, very sad.


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