A wine tasting/expierement

Had to get some cheap red wine for the chili – and picked up a couple “okay” bottles as well, and by “okay” I am rating purley on price at this point. Once back home I arranged it so I had 3 glasses with labels on the bottom that I couldn’t see. I mixed them up, then had SuzShe mix them up and we tasted each and took some notes. Our opinions were for the most part identical. The real game was “which is the cab” – and we both failed. We both knew what 3 wines we were tasing, but not what glass held which. Here are the results.

Property Wine 1 Wine 2 Wine 3
Legs Good Legs No legs Legs
Nose Acid – Strong Mild/Smooth Very Mild
Mouth Even from start to finish different in the middle, but smooth/even overall a distinct middle taste
Swish dry even even
Favorite SuzShe:3
Wine Kendal Jackson
Yellow Tail
Cabernet Sauvignon
$14.99/1.5L ($7.50/bottle)
Turning Leaf
2006 Reserve

Results weren’t really definitive, except perhaps the order. It got me thinking that if I could devise a system for tasting 2-3 wines at a time and arranging them in order – I could use the results to have a complete list of how the wines compare to my taste. Always having 2 or 3 “standards” that most wines fall around – the complete list could be ordered with a high degree of accuracy. This is something I must discuss with “The Doctor.” It could lead to “adjustment tastings” where wines that aren’t fitting with the statistics are rated in a special tasting.

I was about to use the wine chiller to get them to the right temperatures – but the Yellow Tail came in a big bottle that wouldn’t fit in the chiller. I am, however, chilling the Kendal Jackson as I type this.


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