Skiing with the Girl at Pat’s peak

Running out of chances to take the Girl to her skiing lesson at Pat’s peak, so I jumped at the opportunity when it came (of course all sorts of problems came up at work, but it was totally worth it) – we had an absolute blast. She told me about her day at school on the drive there, commented on how she loved riding in the jeep and her friends were jealous. When we got there it was a bit of mayhem getting all the right stuff to the lodge – I forgot her ski pants in her school bag.

Skiing was splendid, just right for a little girl. All groomed. Was having so much fun we were late for her lesson and with another girl had to be shepherding to where their group was. They went to the top of the mountain for the first time. I then had some time to take about 2 runs before her lesson was over.

Her hands were too cold to do any more skiing after the lesson, so we went to the restauraunt area and got some food while I helped her a bit with her homework – but the only help she needed was to be told to stop looking at the TV.

Drive home was another great father-daughter talking opportunity, and fun bumpy ride getting out of the parking lot in the Jeep.


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