Tooth Fairy dot COM

I went to my LinkedIn profile and couldn’t find a good place to add “Tooth Fairy” to my resume I’d also like to add Santa Clause and Easter Bunny. I’m very good at these professions, and it’s not because my kids are stupid. I think it’s because these are roles that kids want to believe in for some reason, that theses characters are so well created that they are hard not to believe in.

About 2 min ago I yanked my sleeping daughter’s tooth from beneath her pillow and replaced it with 2 Sakawagiet dollar coins. I thought about it, and the main reason is because it’s very good to hear her talk about the concept of a “tooth fairy” and how she could catch her and steal her magic wand.

Contemplating these characters I wonder if there’s some internet equivalent. A “Capitan Courteous dot Com,” or maybe “Tech Sergeant TrollNot,” or “One naughty two Dot one sickly ate” or “Ate or two levan bread.”

I think a key property of these new “wired” character’s is the ability for the parents to perpetrate the illusion, and the assumption that other parents won’t destroy the illusion.


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