Book Review: Mormon America

I really liked this book. The Ostling’s ( did a very good job of laying down a solid history as well as current going’s on in the Mormon Religion. The first third of the book, describing the basic tenants of the religion were far more interesting than the back and forth critical commentary of more recent LDS activity.

Personally the book gave me a much higher level of respect for the Church of Latter Day Saints. The level of charity that their beliefs encourage is impressive.

The book treats what most would consider “quirky” in an almost academic light.

I met a couple on a chair-lift a few years back and talked about my ski trip to Salt Lake and they couldn’t stop talking about Karakur’s book about the Mormons, which was very negative. This was a big reason why I chose this book.

I’ve found it enlightening to discuss what I’ve learned with people – uncovering some very surprising prejudices which I find myself trying to dispel.


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