A single quadrantid

Was about to shut down the computer for the night, and realized it was just past midnight.  Tried to think of a site to check that would be different after midnightWoot, and SteepAndCheap and other sites seem to turn over during the pacific timezone – but the APOD always turns over at midnight eastern time, and has for like 10 years (forever in internet time.)

Today’s APOD did not disappoint.  The key part was the info that the quandrantrid meteor shower was going on.  I realized that it was perfect viewing out my back porch, and I had to go out and get LegoDog anyway.

So I put a coat and hat on, and stepped on the the porch dedicated to give it a good 60 seconds.  As usual the time went by fast viewing the constelations as they are this time of year – and at 48 seconds I saw one.  Not a huge one, but it was coming from excatly where it should have.

LegoDog was looking at me wondering what I was doing – but that’s nothing new.


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