Snow Blower repair

The bolts holding the right side of the handle to the body of the snowblower disappeared – so it was barley attached.  Probably related is the tension of the thrower lever/cable was too loose.  So blowing the driveway the first time was a real chore.  Had to stop every foot or so and let the machine catch up with the snow, and it jammed up several times.

A quick trip to Home Depot in the Jeep in the snowstorm (which was fun) and I had the new bolts, attachment was easy, tightened that cable, and was able to snow blow later in the day and the machine worked perfectly – haven’t seen it throw snow that far in years… all because that cable was set wrong.

It makes me want to become an engine head and really get the machine tuned and tightened and running perfectly.  Probably wouldn’t take much time, and I’ve found it very satisfying to fix an engine myself.  I’ve got an extra lawn mower and could probably teach the kids how engines work in the process.


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