DVD Creation Software

Spent quite a while trying to create a DVD of a home movie I edited.  It’s proving to be an extremely frustrating endeavor.  I’ve found a ton of “free” DVD editing/burning programs – as well as webpages with lists of these “free” programs – but so far everyone I’ve installed (about 10) turn out not to be free, or to be complete pieces of crap that fail to get the job done.

Eventually decided to cough up $35 for a program that looked like it’d work – it almost did.  Took it well over an hour to create the DVD – the menu editing was minor and crappy – and the DVD it created had sound synchronization errors.  Color me underwhelmed.

A lot of the programs are selling for $200+ and it makes me think the companies that develop those programs are activly keeping the free versions down – or at least making them very hard to find.  I didn’t keep a list of all the programs that did not work – and will post when I eventually get this job done.

I’m pretty sure if I had a MAC this would be a piece of cake. 


One thought on “DVD Creation Software

  1. “I’m pretty sure if I had a MAC this would be a piece of cake.”

    You’ve got that right. And right out of the box too.

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