M@ the Professional Brewer?

Stumbled across the following job opening at Harpoon Brewery, and even though I don’t have the experience their looking for, I’m thinking about it.  I could probably do it full time and do several consultant-styled software projects on the side.  Dare I live that Dream?  I think the main reason I wouldn’t do it is because I enjoy  brewing as a hobby right now.  When I was a kid I really liked playing with computers and playing the piano.  I turned the computer hobby into a profession and now I don’t so much like it.  I still do hobby computer stuff – but when I get something done I consider it a professional accomplishment instead of a personal one.  I still enjoy playing the piano far more than playing with computers.

So dare I turn the home brewing hobby into a profession?  Probably not… but I might just send a link to this blog post to harpoon.


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