Twit book recommendation

I’ve been listening to the Twit Podcast now for a while, and the host of the show, Leo Laporte reads a commerical much like radio announcers of old – trying to make it fit in with the topic at hand. He does a great job.

The show’s main sponsor latley has been an online audio bookstore called Audible. When he does this ad the other members of the podcast usually talk about books they’ve read and liked. In last weeks podcast they mentioned the book Shadow Divers and they couldn’t stop saying how great it was.  Problem is – I was listening to the podcast while driving and couldn’t “note” the title of the book. Later that day I finished the book I was reading and wanted to find the book they had discussed, but all I could remember was the word “shadow”. The Twit website was no help initially – the forum function is blocked unless you are a donor to the show.

Leo Laporte does several podcasts and radio shows, and usually has “show notes” with links to everything discussed in the shows. No such luck for the episode in question.

I decided to cough up a few bucks but it took a few days  to get my paypal account inline and submit my registration for the site with my donation confirmation. In the end I got into the forums and a couple people had asked the exact same question. I won’t be reading it for a while because I ended up downloaded a different book from, which I’ll review here as soon as I’m done.

By the way, I think this post has an excellent collection of links in it. Not as good as the Apod though.


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