Linux 7.10: Gusty Gibbon

Upgraded to latest linux, 7.10 Gusty Gibbon – a simple upgrade and everything still works. I’m still working on a couple things though.

  • Palm: I haven’t got the palm pilot syncrhonized with this machine
  • Recognizing SD Card: The lappy has a SD reader that didn’t “just work” – haven’t spent much time on it yet.
  • Control the Myth Box: I want this linux box to control the myth linux box so I never have to hook the keyboard up to that machine again
  • Itunes – I know there’s solutions out there, but I don’t have it playing music like the old lappy did.

I’m suprised – I’m racking my brain for things it doesn’t do that windows did – and coming up with nothing else.

To be clear: These are things the system isn’t doing now, aka Out of the Box – which I’m sure I can get it to do eventually.


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