My Dentist is a Yankees fan?

Had a quick and enjoyable visit to Dr. Bobbitt last week.  I needed a couple fillings, plus some older ones replaced.  All part of the dental plan we formulated a little over a year ago.  Procedure took a couple hours, and I got to watch with a little hand held mirror.  It’s kinda freaky seeing the drilled out holes in your teeth before they are filled.

The only excitement came when he noticed that I’m going to need a wisdom tooth removed.  He didn’t sugar coat the prognosis at all – and told me to find a 2 week period as soon as I could to have it removed.  At first I wasn’t too upset, as I’ve already had my top 2 out.  He told me the bottom ones are worse.  Sigh.

Funny joke from the Dr: The problem with dentistry is that it’s all in your head. 

Some fun stuff from the appointment – his assistant Cat showed off her new crown which has a New York Yankees emblem on it.  Not sure about this, but it sounded like Dr. Bobbitt did the whole thing – from design and creation to putting it on.  It was pretty kewl – aside from the fact that it was a Yankees emblem.   She’s got a Yankees sticker in the window too.  I don’t mind it so much, as the person I spend the most time with at the office,  Debbie – the one who does my cleanings and exams,  is a major Red Sox fan.  She has a picture of catcher Jason Varitek on the ceiling that her patients see during cleanings – so in my mind she’s the bigger fan.  Pearl at the front desk is also a very much a Red Sox fan.

I’m not sure about Dr. Bobbitt.  I think I heard Cat imply he was a Yankees fan… and maybe he’s hiding that because he knows I’m a Red Sox fan… but it’s hard to be sure.

One of the more impressive parts of the experience – the following night (the day before Thanksgiving) Dr. Bobbit called me up to check on everything, how the fillings felt after the novocaine wore off.  That’s an impressive piece of customer service.


One thought on “My Dentist is a Yankees fan?

  1. Everyone recovers differently from having their wisdom teeth pulled. I was eating meat and skiing the very next day. But a friend of mine looked like a chipmunk with it’s cheeks full for 2 weeks. Here’s hoping yours goes well.

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