Linux – Ubuntu 7.04

Finally had enough of the windows update problem on the laptop so I installed Linux.  I got the lastest version ISO, but it had errors.  So I used the 6.06 version of the ISO disk.  It worked perfectly the first try.  Network was online without me having to do anything as well.  I ran 6.06 for a couple weeks with no major problems – but I did notice a “lag” in firefox browsing after leaving the browser open for a while.

Last week I upgraded to the latest Firefox – which was a different linux install experience for me – I just copied the uncompressed directory into the /usr/lib/firefox directory.  I’m used to having to compile/run install scripts for linux installations.

Yesterday I told it to upgrade and now I’m running on Ubuntu 7.04– which has a code name of FiestyFawn.  I don’t know what the code name means – but it feels good to be running linux…  like I’m more responsible or something… the same feeling I get when I recycle.  I suppose I feel that way because I’ve always been a software guy, and I call my self a professional developer – so I should know what I’m talking about… so I must drink the koolaide.


5 thoughts on “Linux – Ubuntu 7.04

  1. Well done, a professional who’s not afraid of learning something non-Microsoft. It’s fantastic isn’t it? And now you can start learning all sorts of languages for free.

    It does wind me up when people call themselves computer professionals when they only know Windows. That’s like saying they’re a language analyst but only in English 😉

  2. I upgraded to 7.10 – it was a painless upgrade. Haven’t played with it very much yet, but everything I usually do still works.

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