Rocket Launching

The Friday after thanksgiving == a great day to take the kids out and launch some rockets.  Unfortunately the parking lot next to our house was full of cars… I guess they don’t get the day off over there.  We went down the the SNHFE field and launched there.  Parachute failed to deploy on the first launch – but plastic rockets don’t really need a parachute.  We use a cordless drill battery to ignite – and it’s perfect.

I think I might dismantle the flashlight that takes that battery to build a launch box thing, so it’s not “touching a wire to a contact” but instead it’s pressing a big red button or something.  I have a really big red button too… problem is it really should be a temporary switch.  Perhaps incorporate a temporary switch… the “dad switch” that I hold down while the kids press the big shiny red button.  I gotta check the “maker” sites to find an idea for a really kewl box to put it in… like an old home made PC I saw a long time ago that was all mounted in a budwiser case.


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