DVD menu developers are evil

Very close to the top of my top annoyances list is the methodology used in DVD menus.  One of the worst is Polar Express – you put the DVD in… suffer through 3 or 4 previews, and before you can play the movie you have to watch a collection of the best scenes of the movie.  Why would anyone want to preview the best scenes of the movie, in random order, ruining any potential for suprise or wonder at the director’s intended introduction of the scenes?  Sat down to watch this one with the kids this year and I had forgotten how kewl the ticket floating scene was – and would have been pleasantly surprised when it came up during the movie -but instead – some stupid DVD menu developer’s decision reminded me of that, plus the elves, plus everything thing else in the first 10 seconds before the movie even started.  I would expect the directors or writers of the movies to enforce some control over this destruction of the movie intended flow.


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