2 Playoff Games

Was able to score tickets to the ALCS games 1 & 2 at Fenway. The first game was a triumph and a lesson in how to enjoy Fenway. CCS & I had great seats, and were able to get to the standing room Green Monster as well. We we’re briefly on TV wearing Bud Light boxes on our head, in homage to Jonothan Papplebon. I believe this might be my biggest moment of fame – 5 seconds on national television. SuzShe missed us on TV, but I was able to show it to her later.

Game two was a disappointing extra inning loss that didn’t end until 2am. It was close to a $100 baby sitting bill by the time we finally got home. Getting the tickets for this game was an adventure as well. I bought them from the phone sales line. I was given a hint that they were on sale, and called. Had to redial through a busy signal maybe 30 times, then was on hold for 15min and after being told I could get 2 bleachers I gave them my credit card info only to be told I couldn’t buy the tickets becuase I already had tickets to game #6. He told me I could have someone else buy them and change the pick-up name. I would have to call back to do this – another 30-40 redials, on hold 20min this time, and I used a colleague’s credit card. After buying 2 bleachers I tried to change the name only to be told I wasn’t allowed to change it to my name beucase I’d already bought tickets.

So heading into the game (with CCS+) we didn’t know if we’d get the tickets. Waited in will-call for 10min or so, and tried to pretend I was my colleague when I got to the window. Ticket guy asked me for ID, I said I forgot it. He looked up the tickets – and asked me the address on the credit card. I kicked myself – becuase I thought about calling my colleague to memorize his address – but I didn’t. So the first guy didn’t give me the tickets. SuzShe and I were thinking we had to watch the game at a local bar, but I went to ticket services and laid it all on the line… the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The guy there stopped me mid sentence with a “Yeah, hold on…” and low and behold – he pressed a button and my tickets came out of a little printer. Oh joy of joys! The night turned from a miserable failure with a bunch of money lost (tickets + baby sitter + gas) into a night at Fenway with my favorite co-fans.  Would have been more fun telling that story if the game had turned out better.


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