Godel, Escher, Bach

I have a copy of the book Godel, Escher, Bach which I have owned for about 10 years.  My dad had a copy that I remember paging through and reading some of the Tortise/Achilles stories, and teaching my self to play a couple of the Bach pieces, and programming a bunch of the music into my sequencer.

After getting my own copy some 10 years ago I read maybe 1/4 of it.  I worked through the “problems for the reader” on paper and was re-reading a lot of the book.  Then a few years later started over and read another 1/3 maybe, without re-reading but still working through some of the “reader problems.”

Last week I didn’t have a new book on hand, so I picked it back up – and I’m about 1/2 way through.  I’m not working any of the problem, and am only having to re-read a little.

And the best part – the book is on my bedside stand, and my daughter has to read on her own for 15min a night.  She usually has a short book from school to read, and if there’s a shortfall in that 15min I have been picking up Godel, Escher, Bach and have her read a little bit.  Not sure she’s getting much of it, but she can read it – and we have a great time looking at the pictures.


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