Hill loop

Only had 15min to run, so I went the hill loop – which isn’t a loop really.  It’s out and around then down a big hill – and turn around and go right back up the big hill.

The iPod is working much better – now that I’ve ripped a bunch of CD’s and been selective on what I xfer to the iPod I can go into shuffle mode and be very happy with each song that comes up.

I’ve discovered that one of my ears must be shaped different than the other.  Suzshe got new inear headphones and like all inear headphones, the left one is fine but the right one never fits right thus I can’t run with them.


One thought on “Hill loop

  1. Are Suzshe’s new inearphones pink? I haven’t seen my new pink in earphones since we last worked out together. The real reason you won’t run with them is because they are pink, none of this mutant ear crap. Admit it.

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